Clarissa Hechavarria was born in Berlin but is half Argentinian. She started singing jazz at the age of 15. In addition to studying singing at the HDK Berlin, Clarissa was already in demand as a studio singer and sang in many bands until she founded her first jazz band Clarissa & Around Midnight, a formation that still exists today. Her love for South American sounds came from her father Eduardo Lisavetzky, who worked as a jazz pianist around the world with Shirley Bassey, among others. He founded the first salsa orchestra in Germany "Salsancó" in the 1970s. Clarissa founded the women's salsa orchestra Clarissa y las Diablitas at the beginning of 2000. The band was a guest at the International Jazz Festival in Havana twice, where she met her husband Alfredo Hechavarria. In 1995 Clarissa founded her own label Clarissima Arts & Records, and to this day there are numerous publications in the jazz and Latin fields. Her heart has been music since childhood. In addition to the label, Clarissa focuses on booking formations worldwide.She is a networker and brings different cultures together for extraordinary projects.